Health Impact Assessment

Intrinsik’s scientific experts are well-versed in all areas of Health Impact Assessment (HIA).  HIA is a tool used to evaluate the potential positive and negative health impacts of projects and policies.  The HIA process is complementary to existing Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) and Environmental Assessment (EA) protocols; however, it is uniquely able to identify and assess project benefits to provide a more balanced perspective of overall impact.


  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Systematic literature review
  • Determinants of health (physical, social, economic, etc.)
  • Health impact assessment (positive and negative)
  • Quantitative and semi-quantitative assessment methodologies
  • Development of recommendations
  • Technical report writing
  • Plain-language summaries and presentations
  • Media releases
  • Public communication initiatives
  • Peer review


2018 Presentation:

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