Environmental Support Services for Indigenous Communities

At Intrinsik, we understand that many Indigenous Communities are encountering a complex array of environmental issues. In this changing regulatory climate, resource development applications are now often multifaceted and typically examine health through a holistic lens.   Our experience in engagement, technical review, risk communication, human health and ecological risk assessment and health impact assessment will enable us to appropriately support your Indigenous Community.


  • Technical and Peer Review of Impact Assessment Applications
  • Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement
  • Risk Communication
  • Review of Environmental Monitoring and Management Plans
  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Provision of training to community members to facilitate community-led environmental sampling
  • Traditional Food Studies

Example Experience:

  • Assessment of potential impacts to human health and the environment following an accidental crude oil release into surface water
  • Detailed quantitative human health risk assessment for a treated municipal wastewater discharge in proximity to an Indigenous community
  • Health Impact Assessment for a supply road in Northern Ontario
  • Risk communications and stakeholder engagement for mine remediation
  • Fish tissue quality advisory communication plans
  • Traditional food studies with Nations across Canada
  • Support for radon detection and mitigation program
  • Development of a radon communication and information strategy


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