Vapour Intrusion Evaluation

Intrinsik’s scientific experts have conducted vapour intrusion evaluations across Canada and in the United States.  Our scientists have conducted vapour intrusion risk assessments and community-wide individual vapour intrusion evaluations for homes potentially impacted by petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons, as well as institutional and commercial facilities potentially impacted by chlorinated solvents.

Intrinsik has developed sampling and analysis plans in accordance with Health Canada FCSAP, United States Environmental Protection Agency TO-15, and Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) vapour intrusion assessment guidelines.  Intrinsik is also experienced in modelling unrestricted (i.e., residential) and commercial indoor air exposures using soil gas or groundwater data collected at the Site and the DTSC version of the US EPA approved Johnson and Ettinger Soil Gas Model (Advanced).

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