Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Intrinsik is one of the leading human health and ecological risk assessment (HHERA) firms in North America with significant expertise in applying the risk assessment paradigm to a large variety of sites to evaluate the potential for human health and ecological risks.  Intrinsik scientists have completed diverse HHERAs in Canada, the United States and internationally.  These assessments evaluated risk from contaminated sites, airborne emissions, leachate, runoff, land application of sludges, liquid effluents, new product formulations, and pesticides.

These projects have included evaluation of legacy issues (such as historical contamination), spills, product application in natural environments, current operational releases, and proposed future releases associated with retrofits or new facilities.

Our past projects range from simple screening-level evaluation of small contaminated sites, to leading large, complex, wide-area HHERA studies, covering hundreds of square kilometres.  Being a company that specializes in providing expert advice in the areas of human health and ecological risk assessment and toxicology, we have the ability to draw upon many highly-qualified team members from across Canada and the United States.


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