Medical Screening, Surveillance and Biologic Monitoring

Intrinsik has a significant amount of experience with medical screening and surveillance programs.  Medical surveillance programs provide a means to monitor the effectiveness of workplace safety operating procedures and initiatives.  These surveillance programs are designed to detect occupational illness and diseases in their early treatable stages, based on likely exposure conditions present within the given workplace.  With our on-staff occupational medical physician and trained environmental toxicologists, Intrinsik is well positioned to assist clients in establishing and maintaining a consistent and thorough medical surveillance program to meet both regulatory and corporate requirements to ensure worker health and safety.

Intrinsik is experienced in conducting biomonitoring/evaluation of exposure studies in several Canadian communities as a means of measuring the exposure of individuals to chemicals.   An evaluation of exposure is a study that examines the level of an individual’s internal exposure to selected chemicals.  These types of studies are sometimes described as biomonitoring studies because they focus on quantifying exposure of humans to chemicals by measuring the amount of a chemical that is in an individual’s biological fluids or tissues (e.g., blood, urine).  These types of evaluations of exposure through biomonitoring supplement environmental monitoring (such as measuring chemicals in soil, air, and water) as they provide information on the actual exposures experienced by people and account for exposures from all potential sources, pathways, and routes that a person encounters.

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