Pesticide Dossier Preparation and Submission

Our experienced team has been conducting product registration and providing expert advice on toxicology, ecological and human health risk assessment, risk communication, public consultation and regulatory affairs for over 30 years.  In collaboration with our partners, we offer a full range of services including liaising with regulatory authorities, conducting the required studies to develop, assemble, and submit successful pesticide registration packages, and conducting screening-level and refined risk assessments to support product registrations and re-registrations.  We offer this service for new active ingredients and generic products.  Our clients have submitted the results of our work for pesticide and product registrations to regulatory authorities for use in Canada (Pest Management Regulatory Agency), the United States (Federal and State), South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


  • Expert opinion and strategic advice
  • Data review and gap analyses
  • Chemical product testing, including fate and toxicity testing
  • Coordination and monitoring of submission package studies
  • Design and performance of preliminary studies required prior to product registration, and additional studies necessary to refine risk assessments
  • Development of preliminary risk assessments, refined risk assessments, and risk management proposals
  • Interaction with regulatory authorities on behalf of clients
  • Data compensation
  • Development of summary reports and waivers
  • Registration package/dossier assembly and e-submission

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