Crop Protection Products

As a recognized leader in the industry, our team of experts provide comprehensive solutions to regulatory, scientific and technical agro-chemical challenges.

We have regularly supported registrants and other agro-chemical stakeholders in addressing their risk assessment and registration needs.  We have specialized expertise in the development of advanced exposure models, statistics, toxicology, probabilistic risk assessment, listed species assessments, regulatory affairs, risk communication, provision of expert testimony, and management of large, complex projects with multiple partners and stakeholders.  Our experience includes the development of numerous screening-level and refined probabilistic assessments, response documents, and product registration dossiers for submission to Canadian, United States, South American, and European regulatory authorities, development of guidance for National and individual threatened and endangered species assessments, and risk communication.

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Our scientists have the expertise to address your complex
toxicological health and environmental issues, including product
development and business risks to avoid scientific and regulatory delays.

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