New HHRA Guidance in BC

Posted: July 15, 2021 News

The British Columbia Ministry of Health recently issued its first version of the Guidance for Prospective Human Health Risk Assessment. The document is available for comment for one year, after which it will be updated to reflect current regulations and policy, and incorporate appropriate feedback. After that time, BC MOH notes that the guidance document will be reviewed every five years. BC’s report on prospective HHRAs is one of the most comprehensive HHRA guidance documents in the country.

As described by BC MOH, the technical guidance “provides a standardized approach to assessing the potential human health risks from exposure to environmental contaminants related to proposed projects, events, or activities (projects) in British Columbia.”

One of Intrinsik’s senior staff members sat on the Technical Advisory Group for the development of the guidance document.  In the lead up to this work, Intrinsik also was engaged by BC MOH to provide strategic and technical advice on how best to address the key challenges presented when conducting prospective HHRAs of proposed projects or activities in BC.

Among many other topics, the detailed guidance document touches on screening contaminants of potential concern, data requirements, sampling environmental media, fate and transport modelling, TRV selection, and risk characterization. The document also offers a prospective HHRA review checklist.

Where can I get additional information?

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Bart Koppe, P.Biol.
Vice President & Senior Environmental Health Scientist


 British Columbia Ministry of Health