The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Group at Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc. is a specialized team of scientists and physicians with diverse expertise addressing health and safety issues of the workplace, industry, and the community.

Our professional leadership team includes:

  • Board certified occupational and environmental medicine physicians
  • Skilled epidemiologists
  • Highly experienced toxicologists
  • Experts in risk and crisis communication as well as public health communication

This multidisciplinary team has expertise and international experience providing services such as:

  • Medical surveillance development and administration
  • Health and employee hazard education and training
  • Disaster preparedness and crisis response
  • Risk communication: first response, crisis, post-incident
  • Disability management
  • Litigation support
  • Issue assessment and resolution: ergonomic, disease cluster, productivity evaluations

Many of these are key challenges for companies as they strive to meet health and safety commitments as a part of their corporate sustainability goals.