Our History

Intrinsik is an employee-owned company with a track record going back over 26 years of assisting our clients achieve their goals.

Intrinsik's original parent company was formed in 1985 with an initial focus on the provision of scientific consulting services based on toxicology for product approvals and stewardship in food and pharmaceutical sectors. The company later expanded its scope to include the provision of risk assessment and scientific consulting services to address complex environmental issues.

By 1995, the company had grown to a total of about 75 employees operating out of five offices, four in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Mississauga and Halifax) and one in New Jersey, and had developed into two core business areas, Health Sciences (HS) and Environmental Sciences (ES), with distinct client bases and regulatory concerns.

As a result of the recognition that HS and ES were distinct businesses, two separate companies were formed, Cantox Environmental Incorporated (CEI) in May 1998 and Cantox Health Sciences International in August 1999. The purpose of separating the two businesses was to enable each business to pursue different and better-focused business strategies. In the case of CEI, the new structure allowed the team to focus much more specifically on environmental risk assessment and management issues.

In late 2006, the decision by CEI to add a new business unit focussed on the pharmaceutical sector led to the birth of Intrinsik Inc. with CEI re-branded under the name Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc. and the new division being called Intrinsik Health Sciences Inc. This new division was established to offer pharmaceutical and personal care product toxicology, regulatory affairs, and risk assessment support services.  In 2010, Intrinsik acquired Carexa Inc., a regulatory affairs consulting company, to augment and expand services in the US and Europe.

Intrinsik opened its first United States office in the Portland Maine area in September 2010. In August 2013, Intrinsik and McDaniel Lambert merged to create our Venice Beach California office.  Intrinsik is now pleased to serve our clients with a full-time staff of more than 65 scientists from our six offices across Canada (Mississauga, Ontario; Guelph, Ontario; Ottawa, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; and, Halifax, Nova Scotia) and in the US (New Gloucester, Maine; Venice Beach, California). We are proud to remain an employee-owned consulting firm and will continue to grow and evolve to provide the best possible services to our clients across Canada, the US, and throughout the world.