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  • Intrinsik Science Inc. :: Science - Integrity - Knowledge
  • Intrinsik Science Inc. :: Science - Integrity - Knowledge

Roger Breton, M.Sc.

Office: Ottawa, Ontario
Position: Senior Scientist
Phone: +1 613 761-1464, ext. 224
Fax: +1 613 761-7653
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Mr. Breton has over 20 years of experience in ecological risk assessment (ERA) including exposure and effects assessments for aquatic and wildlife species exposed to commercial chemicals, pesticides and other environmental contaminants.  Mr. Breton has either led, managed or participated in refined ecological risk assessments of pesticides including brodifacoum, chlorothalonil, simazine, atrazine, aldicarb, chlorpyrifos, azinphos-methyl, bifenthrin, permethrin, methomyl, tefluthrin, fluoxypyr, pendimethalin, trichlorfon, malathion, dimethoate, quintozene and others.  Most assessments involved probabilistic exposure and effects methods to determine the magnitude of risk to ecological receptors.  Prior to Intrinsik, Mr. Breton worked in the Existing Substances Branch of Environment Canada for 11 years where he managed, co-led and assessed commercial chemicals that were included on the Priority Substances List and the Categorization and Screening of the Domestic Substances List (CSDSL).  The CSDSL involved assessing the persistence, bioaccumulation and the toxicity of nearly 23,000 substances.  He was continuously involved in CEPA-related activities.  Mr. Breton is very familiar with Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan (CMP).  Mr. Breton has reviewed dozens of screening-level risk assessments produced under the CMP.  Mr. Breton has been involved in conducting ecological risk assessments of several contaminated sites including the Housatonic River and the Calcasieu Estuary Superfund sites in the United States.

Experience Highlights

  • Managed endangered species assessments and Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) re-registrations of pesticides.
  • Led ecological risk assessments for re-registration of pesticides under Canada’s Pest Control Products Act.
  • Has led risk assessments and provided risk mitigation measures to reduce risk to biota from exposure to pesticides.
  • Specializes in aquatic and wildlife risk assessment.
  • Led numerous high-profile risk assessment and environmental toxicology projects across Canada and the United States for pesticides, commercial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Very familiar with Canada’s existing and new chemicals assessment program.
  • Led wildlife risk assessments for contaminated sites.
  • Called upon to provide peer review services for other consulting firms, industry and government agencies.
  • Current a member of the Society of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology (SETAC).


M.Sc., Chemistry, University of Ottawa
B.Sc., Biology, University of Ottawa

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