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Chris Bacigalupo, M.Sc., QEP., QPRA

Office: Mississauga, Ontario
Position: Senior Scientist
Phone: +1 519 846 2153
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Chris Bacigalupo is a Senior Risk Assessor with Intrinsik. He brings over 19 years of experience in the field environmental risk assessment and toxicology, specializing in human health related issues.  Since 1996, Mr. Bacigalupo has been providing technical scientific support and advice to private and government sector clients throughout Canada and abroad in the areas of human health risk assessment.  Mr. Bacigalupo holds a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) designation from the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP), is a Qualified Person for Risk Assessment (QPRA) under Ontario’s Record of Site Condition Regulation (O. Reg. 153/04) and holds a Qualified Person Designation per the Corrective Action Plan Chapter of the Saskatchewan Environmental Code.

Mr. Bacigalupo graduated with an Honours B.Sc. in Environmental Science and Biology minor from the University of Waterloo and received a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Toxicology and Land Resource Sciences from the University of Guelph. His graduate work investigated the human health risks of lead and inorganic arsenic exposure from the consumption of home garden vegetables. As part of this work, Mr. Bacigalupo has published a number of scientific peer-reviewed journal articles describing the developed of his multi-variable linear-regression models and probabilistic screening tools.

Mr. Bacigalupo is responsible for completing and managing human health risk assessments concerning a wide range of issues from contaminated sites,  air emissions from a variety of industrial sources (e.g., landfills, incineration, smelting operations, energy production, brick manufacturing, etc.) and consumer products. Mr. Bacigalupo has extensive knowledge in the development of deterministic and probabilistic multi-media exposure models used to predict chemical exposures and related human health risks. He has developed risk assessment approaches and models for large scale and complex risk assessments within Canada and abroad.

Mr. Bacigalupo provides expert toxicology services to clients concerning the development of effects-based air quality standards and has considerable knowledge of the methods used by regulatory agencies to develop health-based air, soil and groundwater standards. Mr. Bacigalupo continues assist clients by providing expert toxicology advice, scientific reviews, and expert legal opinions as it relates to chemical hazards and the methods used to develop health-based air, soil and groundwater quality standards.


M.Sc., Toxicology & Land Resource Sciences.  University of Guelph.
B.Sc.H, Environmental Science, Biology Minor, University of Waterloo.

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